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What is a Dark Kitchen…?

What is a ‘Dark’ kitchen..?

A cloud kitchen, also known as a ghost kitchen, virtual, remote and dark kitchen, unlike a traditional restaurant, is a professional commercial kitchen that only produces food for delivery. They can come either fully equipped or with the basic requirements allowing their set up to be tailored to the business’s requirements, but has no dining area for customers. The ghost kitchen business model easily suits new starters as well as enabling  the creation and transitioning of a brand concept to be able to target specific demographics

The rise of the ‘Ghost’ Kitchen

Takeaway and delivered food sales today is a major revenue stream for the UK restaurant industry thanks to online ordering. Restaurants are benefiting significantly from soaring demand for ready-to-eat meals, professionally prepared, ordered online, to be eaten at home. There is no better example of this than McDonald’s who once again have aligned to a UK consumer dining trend to meet growing demand. This demand has only seen an increase due to the current Covid 19 crisis

Benefit’s of a ‘Dark’ kitchen

  • Lower Operational Costs: Low set up costs, low overheads, no services staff. The cloud kitchen model allows the restaurant to avoid the expense of renting a restaurant space and instead focuses solely on the food
  • Flexibility & adaptability: Sort term contracts, Increase/decrease in size as you grow with demand
  • Smaller businesses can even benefit from joining online delivery marketplaces such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats, eliminating the need to develop their own apps for sales purposes
  • Food Quality: healthy, high-quality food is essential for today’s customers, hence the reason many of these kitchens have dedicated their marketing to better quality foods at a lower price
  • Technology: cloud kitchens have access to user data and real-time adaptability to determine demand in specific areas

Food Standards Agency

With the food delivery market booming, to stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential that your delivery-only kitchen abides by the rules set by the Foods Standard Agency and achieves the highest rating on the food hygiene rating scheme. Griller Kitchens provide the ideal environment that any top chef would be proud of


By providing perfect conditions for food to be stored and prepared it will arrive with the customer at the intended temperature for it to be safe and enjoyable to eat. Griller Kitchens can provide all the equipment you need to keep both your customers and FSA happy